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VertexGraph brings Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) to remote drive mapping

VertexGraph introduces its capability that helps businesses apply Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) to remote drive mapping.

VertexGraph introduces its capability that helps businesses apply Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) to remote drive mapping, enabling a secure and seamless work experience.

With an efficient access protocol, VertexGraph's ZTNA 2.0 remote drive mapping is designed to provide optimal performance, letting users work with remote files from on-premises file servers and cloud file storage as if they are local. The solution ensures a seamless work experience, with its smart routing that mounts drive letters through the ZTNA 2.0 layer when users work remotely while routing to on-premises file shares directly when users work in the office. Furthermore, its on-demand content fetch and offline access ensure that users have uninterrupted access to their files.

The non-intrusive solution is very easy to set up. The Zero Trust approach connects users directly to file shares rather than the network, applying checks on every request from the user before sending to companies’ on-premises file servers and cloud file storage. Thus, it removes the need to punch a hole in the firewall or the need for remote workers to connect to file storage via a VPN.

The mapped drives let users continue to work with desktop applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Office, and let administrators leverage existing corporate identities in Active Directory for access management, retaining existing NTFS permission for granular control on folders and files. Furthermore, global file locking is applied to ensure data integrity automatically.

With ZTNA 2.0, VertexGraph provides a secure control and protection layer, enforcing NTFS permission on both client and server sides, and offering scenario-based access control with an application firewall. It also provides auditing, versioning, and ransomware protection, making it the perfect choice for any business that prioritizes security.

About VertexGraph:

VertexGraph provides a seamless hybrid work experience, with unified and secure access to on-premises and cloud resources (files, applications, remote desktops, user directories), no matter where work happens. The plug-and-play solution non-intrusively integrates with existing resources and applies Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 (ZTNA 2.0) for protection. By replacing legacy policies and rules with smart scenario-based access control, VertexGraph helps organizations achieve a hybrid working environment where security is no longer a burden. Find out more at