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The AI-empowered Organizational Platform from Vertexgraph Changes the Way Company Manage the Organization

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. Vertexgraph now provides a way to manage your organization with the AI assistant. Imagine an AI assistant that would help you manage your storage drives and provide the audit trace of members in the company, generating a brand-new way to manage your organization. In this article, we'll introduce the assistant skills Vertexgraph presents designed to operate on the platforms

  1. Manipulating Drives

Adding new network drives or storage locations to the organization has never been easier. You can simply instruct your AI assistant with a command like, "Add a new drive Wasabi,". The assistant can add storage, scan the drive content, and connect the storage drive to existing assistants in your organization's network.

  1. User Management

Adding, modifying, or removing users from your organization is as simple as having a conversation. For instance, you can say, "Add John Smith to the S3 drive" and the AI assistant will execute the request appropriately. It can also handle user assistant assignments, ensuring that users have the proper access levels.

  1. Security Control

Ensuring data security is paramount. With the Vertexgraph platform, you can set fine-grained two-factor authentication and password policy effortlessly. For example, you can instruct the assistant to "Configure two-factor authentication" and it will lead you to the two-factor authentication setup page. A secured login process is vital for all organizations.

  1. Real-time Monitoring

The AI assistant can also provide real-time updates and reports on user activities and drive usage. You can ask for insights like, "Search audit trace activities in the system for user Tom" and receive a report on the recent activities of users to observe absurd behaviors. It could help you prevent the potential risk of leaking important information from the organization.

  1. File Operations

The file operations could also be simplified by the AI assistant. With just a line of commands, you can easily ask the AI assistant to manage the files. You no longer need to click through different drives and folders to find the specific file. By entering “delete file MarketingGuide.pdf in the folder Marketing” the delete operation would be executed precisely by the AI agent. It could also help you share the files and folder with other users with the permission you assigned. With such skill sets, you can manage the files with high efficiency.


With this technology, companies with complex data management needs could benefit significantly. It would simplify the process of managing members’ access and ensuring data security. The time used to manage resources like network drives, user access, and permissions could be reduced enormously. The AI-empowered organizational platform from the Vertexgraph could be a great help for your business.